Club History

   The Plandome Field and Marine Club's origins are closely linked to The Plandome Land Company, which was the original developer of the Club's property, as well as the Incorporated Village of Plandome.

    In 1905, The Plandome Land Company was formed and bought the original 90 acre subdivision of Plandome which had as its boundaries as North, South and Brookside Drives and Manhasset Bay. This was before there was a village, a green, a train station or any structures currently recognized today.

    The Land Company originally targeted sales to
school teachers to build homes in Plandome. The old sales brochure lists prices for lots between $500 and $1,800 (for a plot directly on Manhasset Bay). The sale brochure further stated:
        Pay $2.00 down and $2.20 a month on each $100 for 24 months.  
          Take title, then keep a mortgage for the remaining 60%.
          For payment in full within a year 8% discount.

        No houses to cost less than $4,000 to $6,000 according to location.
        No stable or out building nearer than 60 feet from the front line lots.
        Entire shorefront reserved for use of lot owners and for them alone.
        Train service splendid and even better to come.
          (At that time Plandome was a LIRR flag stop.)

        Plandome offers a life combining the pleasures of the sea and
          hills with the facilities of city residence. The sort of life about
          which the average businessman only dreams about.

    The Land Company knew that the valuable waterfront location along what is now Shore Drive was an asset to its plot sales efforts.  In 1908, three years before the Village of Plandome was incorporated, fourteen families organized and incorporated the Plandome Yacht Club, making it the oldest organization in the Village by far. The name was changed to the Plandome Field and Marine Club in 1915 in recognition of its expanded land amenities.

    A dock and boat house had been built, as well as two tennis courts on
what is now the Village Green. In 1911, Plandome expanded to 290 acres as sales of plots increased with boundaries as they are today, except Heights Road which was annexed in 1929. In 1915, the Club built two bowling alleys in the basement of the new Village Hall which had been completed and opened in 1913.

    Earliest existing records show the Plandome Field and Marine Club's listing in the 1936 Lloyd's Registry of American Yacht Clubs as follows:

    Plandome Field and Marine Club 

        Station: Plandome, L.I. New York, Manhasset Bay
        Organized 1908   Incorporated 1908
        President, William B. Schrauff             Commodore, Frank F. Casey
        Secretary, John F. Adams                   Treasurer, J.H. Van Moss
        Secretary's Address, Plandome, L.I.
        1936 Entrance Fee: $40   Annual Dues: $30."

        (Dues of neighboring clubs in 1936: PWYC $100; KYC $100; MBYC $125.)

    The Club's waterfront facilities were maintained on property owned by The Plandome Land Company from 1908 until 2005, when the last heir to the Land Company's stock, Mr. James Shirley, graciously donated his interest in the waterfront land to the Club.

    Over the decades, the Field and Marine was a center of activity in Plandome. This included the waterfront facility where adult and children's swimming races were held off the Club float, weekly sailboat races and the annual regatta. On land, bowling was a regular family activity, while the annual tennis championship was a highly contested event. Later, as lifestyles changed with the advent of outside activities, vacation homes and other diversions coupled with heavier work schedules, use of Club amenities had declined.  However, this trend has started to swing back. The use of smaller, affordable pleasure crafts has increased. The Club floats are awash in kayaks and more moorings are being utilized.  The Sunfish Club, featuring club owned boats, has increased its activities with it's family races and Sunday sails, including a lively compliment of regular and beginning sailors.

The Field and Marine stands out an active part of the unique and special place called Plandome.