Combinations will be emailed!

Only current members will
receive notification. 

Currently, we have 2 Har Tru tennis courts available to members on the east side of Village Hall.  They are open for play between May and November (weather dependent) and will be locked with a new code every year.  Once village residents pay yearly dues to the Plandome Field and Marine club,  the new combination number will be sent.    Right now, we don't have any events planned specifically for tennis, but if you would like to get involved, and help organize socials, clinics, etc..., please contact


Tennis Rules

a. The Club’s tennis courts are for the exclusive use by Beach & Tennis Members and Tennis Members and their immediate families and guests.  Guests will not be permitted use of these tennis courts unless accompanied by a member. (New lock combinations will be sent to current members each year.  Please relock the gates when you leave.)

b. An adult member must accompany children under the age of twelve (12).

c. Use of the Club’s tennis courts is at your own risk.

d. Climbing of all perimeter fences is prohibited.

e. The tennis courts shall not be used when the surface is wet.

f. The tennis courts shall be used for playing tennis only.  (Dogs, scooters, toys, and other sports have caused damage to the courts, sprinkler heads and fence in the past.)

g. Players must properly sweep courts following play.

Tennis Lessons
Courtney Connors, of the Fairfield University Tennis Team, can be
contacted for child tennis lessons
(516) 492-6549

*to add an instructor, contact*